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While you may be viewing our website from a distance. We are a "downtown" health foods store serving our community with locally produced meats, milk, eggs, honey, mushrooms, take out foods and lots of other products representative of local producers. We also carry a complete line of supplements, some Non GMO Verified.

Our web site will help you keep in touch with us and us with you. We have a talented staff, including David N. Harder our Registered Herbalist, who can help you with your health product questions. Call about our "Free Mini Consultations". After hours be sure to use our online "Health Conditions" section (bottom left on this screen) where you will find answers to your nutritional questions. .

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Aloe vera contains polysaccharides that act as nutrient carriers, bringing essential nutrients to your body’s cells. ... more

Eating For the Season- Winter

As Winter approaches here in the Northeast US it is not uncommon for many to experience a cold or respiratory infection. A chief reason for this dynamic, and for some this  happens every year, is that they fail to change their diet relative to the season. Colder weather requires a warmer diet. We all recognize in the midst of a summer heat wave that cool or cold beverages and foods feel good, because they cool our internal body temperature downward or seemingly so.

In winter if we don't make an effort to eat foods at or above body temperature then our digestion struggles . Our stomach secretes HCL which is "hot" and unless we are eating warmer foods in the cooler seasons then our foods can remain less digested and this is the beginning of immune stress that can lead to a "cold".
The suggestion here is to warm the diet, eating less refrigerator temp food, less cold beverage and more warm beverages and foods- to aid in better digestion. Using warming spice like black pepper, cinnamon, ginger and jalapeno peppers can be of help as well as they improve digestion. And while it may seem like "folk lore" making sure you don't catch a cold by covering up your "wind gates" of your body to avoid a deep chill is a good idea. In TCM the Chinese identify two of these areas as;  the back (keep your shirt tucked in or put a vest on) and the back of the neck (a scarf does the job).
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